The Aspire Center for Health and Wellness is a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation practice that provides an unmatched personal experience designed to improve the overall quality of life for every patient. 

Our #1 priority is to enable every patient to move better and function better, communicate more effectively, and to feel great.

Float Tanks

Aspire is Manhattan’s first medical float tank (aka sensory deprivation) center. Floating has been shown to have immense benefits for people who suffer from sleep disorders, stress, mental block and chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia by allowing the muscles to let go 100% as you float in a warm pod filled with Epsom salts.



Suspension exercise is one of the fastest growing trends used by physical therapists, personal trainers and athletes worldwide. Leveraging your balance through your bodyweight alone, the Redcord system allows you to fire more muscle fibers, isolate target areas and train with injuries, pain free!

Alter G

The unique Alter-G treadmill creates an almost weightless vacuum that allows patients to walk and run without putting pressure on joints. Perfect for runners and neurological patients alike, the machine can alleviate up to 80% of the patient’s weight, allowing one to train without the worry of stress on the joints or fear of falling when standing.

Alter G picture

Press + Professional Collaboration

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What our clients say

  • Emil Euaparadorn of Aspire is the smartest and most engaged health care practitioner who has ever treated me. After years of trying various treatments, I have come to understand that the causes of my right side neck and shoulder pain are complicated. Emil is creative and persistent in seeking solutions. He stays up the date, learning and integrating the newest physical therapy techniques into his practice.  

    Lia, W. New Haven, CT

  • Aspire has changed my life! If I had not found Aspire and Dr Rob Schreyer, I would not be walking today. It is thanks to the incredibly creative, cutting-edge physical therapy that Rob and Jessica designed specifically for my needs. They are all rooting for me to go out of their way to make sure I am well taken care of, even to the point of walking me outside this winter to make sure I don’t slip getting into the car. My only regret is not having found Aspire sooner.

    Nancy, Y. New York, NY

  • Before his speech therapy sessions with Diane Brown, my brother was practically non-verbal…after a few sessions with Diane…Jimmy has been talking more and more…and has also been taught to recognize and express his emotions better. If you are thinking about speech therapy sessions for yourself or a loved one, I can’t recommend the Aspire Center enough!

    Michael, W. Bronx, NY

  • “I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say “because of you I didn’t give up””

    Dr Jessica Stein, Physical Therapist at Aspire

We’ve Got You Covered

Aspire accepts many major insurance plans for therapy services.

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