Aspire was founded by three distinguished therapists; Speech-language pathologist, Marissa A Barrera, and Physical Therapists, Dr. Emil Euaparadorn and Dr Robert J. Schreyer. They recognized that there was a need for a health and wellness center in the city where their patients could access multi-disciplinary therapy to optimize their treatment.

At Aspire we therefore pride ourselves on be one of the only places in the city to offer Orthopedic physical therapy, Neurological rehabilitation, Speech, language and swallowing therapy, Occupational therapy and alternative treatments, all under the same roof! This provides a rare opportunity for many patients who can benefit from combination therapy.

The Team

Our teams of highly credentialed, well-trained and innovative therapists work collaboratively to maximize the patient outcomes and achieve great results. Patients often come to us having struggled with a condition or an injury for a long time. We think outside of the box and happily go the extra mile for those patients every day to help them reach their goals. Our #1 priority is to enable our patients to move, function and communicate more effectively, and not least to provide an unmatched personal experience that improves the quality of every patient’s life.

Cutting-edge equipment

In our state-of-the-art facilities we offer cutting-edge technology, such as the new suspension therapy system, Redcord, the anti-gravity treadmill, Alter G, and Float Tanks. Our patient base therefore varies broadly, from those fighting long-term neurological disorders to athletes looking to enhance their performance outcomes.

We now operate from our main location in Midtown Manhattan in addition to our newer locations in Brooklyn and on the Upper West Side.

What we offer

  • An array of therapeutic and unique services under one roof
  • Innovative equipment
  • Longer treatment times and one-on-one focus
  • Easy access – on street level
  • Access to additional unique services such as Floatation and Redcord (NEW!)
  • Friendly and community oriented vibe
  • Upbeat, dynamic and very supportive environment


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“Aspire is a fun place to work, a great place to be, and always puts it’s patient’s needs first. This is why I love Aspire so much”.

“Aspire’s unwavering commitment to finding new solutions makes it the place to go for the most effective therapy in the tri-state area.”