sun-in-blue-skyPublished July 20th 2016

Now that the summer is in full swing, many are finding it difficult to keep cool. For some patients, this means it’s hard to make it to their valuable therapy sessions. Use these top tips to help yourself cope in the heat of the city:

1) Stay hydrated! Always carry water with you and try to finish the bottle while you are out, whether you feel thirsty or not.

2) Apply ice packs, a wet paper towel towel or cold compress to pulse points at the inner wrist, elbows, ankles, behind the knees, or around the neck.

3) Give yourself extra time to get places and to perform daily activities so that you are not rushing, which will raise your body temperature further in the heat.

4) Plan your activities in the mornings or in the evenings when the sun is not at its strongest. Speak with our front desk staff about scheduling your appointments at more comfortable times in the day.

5) If you don’t have an AC unit, get a dehumidifier and fan instead. They are cheaper and can help a lot.

6) Check with your utility company regarding an AC unit – some offer discounts from people who have a doctors note. Some insurance companies may also cover the cost of an AC unit, or it could be tax deductible.

7) Keep a hand-held misting spray bottle in your fridge at home. It is a super refreshing way to simulate the cooling effect of sweat on the body!

8) Research pools in your area if it is too hot to exercise outdoors.

9) Wear lightweight, breathable clothing and breathable, comfortable materials such as cotton.

We hope you found some useful tips to help you stay cool whilst enjoying the summer!