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Marissa is interviewed at The International MS Cognition Society Annual Meeting (June 2016)

Dr. Kantor interviews Marissa Barrera, MS, MSCS, CCC-SLP, Aspire Center for Health, NY, at the IMSCOGS annual meeting 2016 about the practical aspects of cognition, including having a cognitive battery to make sure they are aware of their scope of cognitive capabilities.

Floating in a Soundproof, Lightproof Tank (May 2016) try the sensational Float Tanks at Aspire – “It’s the ultimate way to detach”. Read this reporters experience!

Float your stress away (March 2016)

Aspire’s Float department feature in the New York Post

Rob and Emil are interviewed in Greece teaching a course on Neurology (February 2016)

This video interviews Rob and Emil whilst in Greece teaching a course: “Overview of the Neurological Patient: Initial Evaluation, Diagnosis, Intervention Selection and Treatment for Common Neurological Dysfunctions”.

Marissa is interviewed in Greece on the topic of Dysphagia (June 2015)

This video covers the benefits on The Guardian device and NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) for people with Dysphagia (swallowing disorders).

Vice Media (March 2015)

Marissa features in an article about a young woman who suffers from a condition known as ‘Vocal fry’.

Float Conference 2014

Dr Robert Schreyer gives a talk about floating at the Float Conference 2014.

A documentary on lower back pain (March 2013)

Dr Emil Euaparadorn is asked to speak as an expert on treatment options.

MSFocus-on-Demand (radio)

Aspire’s Marissa Barrera talks about multiple sclerosis on MSFocus-On-Demand.

Dr. Euaparadorn featured in a documentary about lower back pain

One of the few documentaries that tackles a rather difficult topic. Dr. Euaparadorn was asked to speak as en expert on low back pain treatment.