Redcord® is a unique and effective method of treatment, utilizing sling suspension exercise for optimal functional training . Redcord’s treatment method, Neurac (Neuromuscular Activation) consists of specially tailored exercises and techniques administered from experienced Aspire Redcord instructors that aims to restore functional and pain-free movement patterns. Redcord works for EVERYBODY regardless of age, condition, or fitness level.

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Physical Therapy

Neurac (NEURomuscular ACtivation) is an innovative treatment method with standardized testing procedures. Neurac is based on acknowledged scientific principles that screens the body for painful movements, neuromuscular dysfunctions and imbalances. Neurac treatment aims to reduce or eliminate pain, optimize neuromuscular control and muscle coordination and restore full range of motion and functional movement patterns


Fitness Training

Redcord suspension exercises are effective and useful for anyone who would like to improve their daily function or personal fitness level. Exercising in ropes and slings challenges your neuromuscular system to build exceptional core strength, muscle stability, and movement control. These are all essential to help athletes and everyday people recover fast from injuries, regain pain-free physical performance, and maintain general health and wellness.


Sports Performance

Redcord sport specific training involves exercises with three-dimensional movements where body weight is used as resistance. The exercises promote functional strength and rotational power as well as core stability, coordination and movement control. The movements are natural and have a high carry-over effect to athletic performance. New studies confirm that sling exercise training provides better results than conventional training and increases sport performance directly.

The Redcord System

Redcord’s innovative “bungee assistance” system, utilizes slings and elastic bungee cords to fully support body weight throughout each movement pattern. The resistance levels and neuromuscular challenge can be adjusted for each exercise in order to avoid the interference of pain and muscle compensation.


The Redcord Difference:

Redcord has been researched, developed and utilized by physical therapists and other industry professionals around the world. There are more than 70 published scientific research studies and 25 years of practical evidence supporting its concepts and role in physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, and fitness and performance training.

Studies have shown that pain and/or inactivity can disturb the brain’s capacity to switch on the right muscles, at the right strength, at the right time. This leads to impaired muscle interaction, and decreased strength and quality of movement. As a result, some muscles become stressed, strained and painful. The Neurac method focuses on neuromuscular re-education to activate, strengthen, and correct abnormal movement patterns that may have been disrupted from a neurological or musculoskeletal injury. Often dramatic reduction of pain and immediate improvement of function can be experienced.

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Redcord takes suspension exercise to the next level. Researched, developed and utilized by Physical Therapists for more than two decades, Redcord now comprises the most comprehensive collection of suspension exercise equipment and training programs in the industry. In fact, there are more than 100 hours of live continuing education coursework available to help medical and fitness professionals achieve superior outcomes.

Redcord is a scientific breakthrough in physical therapy, rehabilitation, fitness and sports performance training. There are currently over 70 published scientific studies involving Redcord, as well as more than 25 years of practical evidence supporting its concepts and role in the health and wellness industry.


Redcord at Aspire

Redcord and Physical Therapy

A combination of Physical Therapy and Redcord provides a perfect combination of hands on techniques and specific muscle activation. Medical Insurance may be utilized to finance this option.

Redcord Fitness

This is appropriate for those who looking for that fitness edge of increasing core strength and overall fitness. This one on one option is done with fitness professional.


The Aspire center has been an amazing center of healing for my brother, Jimmy.

Before his speech therapy sessions with Diane Brown, my brother was practically non-verbal. Due to his intellectual disability, he didn’t understand the basic structure of a conversation.

After a few sessions with Diane (whom we highly recommend as a speech therapist), Jimmy has been talking more and more. He is slowly understanding the purpose and format of asking questions as well as giving answers to questions. He is more open to talking to others, and has even made a few friends. Not only has his speech improved, but Jimmy has also been taught to recognize and express his emotions better. With the help of Diane and the other instructors, Jimmy has been able to talk through his problems more effectively than before.

What I love about the Aspire center is their continued advocacy for my brother Jimmy. I really appreciate how they think holistically about him in terms of his speech, his mental health, issues, and his self-esteem.

If you are thinking about speech therapy sessions for yourself or a loved one, I can’t recommend the Aspire center enough!


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